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Balloons are available in many shapes,sizes and colours, the two main types are Foil and Latex. The newest member of the balloon family is called a Bubble!

Foil balloons are not usually used outdoors as they are not bio degradeable. Indoors they add that lovely metallic effect to decor. They are also very popular because of the vast range of shapes,designs and messages. They float for several days as a reminder of that special event!

Latex balloons can be used indoors or outside, they are bio and photo degradeable. Suitable for most occasions and can be arranged in simple clusters/bouquets,as part of a larger decoration or as balloon arches. Usual sizes used are 10 to 16 inch but are available in larger sizes, 3 foot plus! They are also available as modelling balloons for fun shapes!!

Bubbles float for weeks rather than days and are available with printed decorations on the outside, some of them are suitable for putting 1 or more balloons inside.

As you can see there is no such thing as an ordinary balloon! Your choice will depend on your event and or theme. We are always happy to offer advice on the best type for your occasion. Check our galleries for ideas.

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